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Archival Photography is specialised, guided by State Government department standards and guidelines. Gerald Steding has recorded a range of items and places considered to be of local, State, National, Commonwealth and World significance.

These archival shoots include detailed and general views using high resolution Canon digital full frame cameras and a variety of high quality Canon L class lenses (Canon's professional range). In addition, Gerald uses Canon tilt-shift lenses for architectural perspective correction and other special  purpose lenses. External flashes include the Canon system flashes as well as Profoto and Elinchrom studio strobes with a variety of light modifiers. Post production is carried out on colour-calibrated monitors using Adobe software.




The Photographic Archival Recordings include an image location plan (AutoCad) and a corresponding catalogue of images. These recordings are printed on large format Epson and Canon printers using high quality photographic archival paper and archivally stable inks. They may be either spiral or perfect bound as requested.

historic-barn-verandah, timber veranda from old shearing shed, iron water tank, corrugated iron.
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PhotoGraphiC  Archival REPORTS

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Some Reports

  • Martin Bridge, Taree, NSW

  • Residence in Thornleigh, NSW

  • St Marks, Darling Point, NSW (windows only, part of a publication)

  • Residence in Penshurst, NSW

  • Residence in Penshurst, NSW, documentation of works

  • Residence in Pennant Hills, NSW

  • Nowra Sailing Club, NSW

  • Clarence Town Bridge, NSW

  • Clarence Town Bridge, NSW, documentation of works

  • Barrington Bridge, NSW

  • Monkerai Bridge, NSW

  • Offices in Camden, NSW

  • Horse Stables, Albion Park, NSW

  • Middle Falbrook Bridge, NSW 

  • Middle Falbrook Bridge documentation of works

  • Residence in Putney, NSW

  • Newstead Station Group, Inverell, NSW 

    • Volume 1: The Homestead

    • Volume 2: The Shearing Shed

    • Volume 3: The Church and Cemetery

  • Residence in Warrawee, NSW

  • Gate Entrance in Rossmore, NSW

  • Residence in Gladesville, NSW

  • Serbian Orthodox Church in Liverpool, NSW

  • Residence in Randwick, NSW

  • Shop Building in Darlington NSW

  • Residence and Outbuildings in Croom NSW

  • Residence in Penrith, NSW

  • Archaeological Investigations and Photographic Archival Recordings of Convict Works and other Sites along the Great Western Highway, Woodford-Hazelbrook, NSW

    • Early Walls and Kerbs (Stone retaining wall Winbourne Ave

    • Remnant stone wall Station Street

    • St Paul’s Church boundary wall, Stone edging)

    • Early Features (Sandstone boundary No.77,

    • Front sandstone boundary The Gunya,

    • Terracotta conduit,

    • Concrete at No.95

    • Memorial Park engraving

    • Early Road Fabric at Burford Street, Railway Station, kerb at pedestrian bridge, Beechmount Avenue and Mt View Avenue east

    • Early Road Fabric at Vale Road (east), Vale Road (west), Woodbury Street, Woodford Academy, Woodbury Street corner

    • Early Road Culverts

  • An Archival Recording and Excavation Report, Silver Peaks Mine, Yerranderie, NSW

  • Early Road Edging along Camden Valley Way, NSW

  • Early Road Fabric along Camden Valley Way, NSW

  • Grounds behind former Ward 15 at Bloomfield Hospital, Orange, NSW

  • The BMI Plant, an Archival Recording of its Demolition, Penrith, NSW

  • Archaeological Investigations and Photographic Archival Recordings of convict works and other sites along the Great Western Highway, Lawson, NSW

    • Features at Lawson Railway Station (subway, ramp, stone culvert, remnant floor

    • Belleview Park edging

    • Frontages and Features (church frontage, stone kerbs, cuttings and steps, stone drainage channels and roadside edges).

    • The Railway (cutting, abutment, Monier arch railway overbridge, retaining wall at overbridge).

    • Early Road Fabric (Charles Street, View Street, Ridge Street, Badgery Crescent, Queens Road (intersection), Queens Road (southeast)

    • Railway and Road Culverts

More Reports


  • Upper Canal, Bringelly Road, Leppington, NSW

  • Early Log Causeway along Camden Valley Way, NSW

  • Early Road Fabric, Great Western Highway, Bullaburra, NSW

  • Homestead RV3, Ulan, NSW

  • Homestead former entrance and frontage, Gledswood, NSW

  • Bridge over the Upper Canal at Camden Valley Way, Leppington, NSW

  • Princes Highway, Arncliffe, NSW

  • Mitchell’s Road (intervals 3 & 4) , Wentworth Falls, NSW

  • Homestead (remnants), Old Ulan, NSW 

  • Bobadeen Homestead, NSW

  • Rural Heritage in the Moolarben Coal Operations Area, NSW

    • Farmhouse ruins (s13)

    • Farmhouse site (s14)

    • Carr’s Gap Road (s18)

    • Glen Moor farmhouse complex (s19)

    • Travelling stock route (s22)

    • Farmhouse (s29)

    • Moolarben school site (s30)

    • Farmhouse site (s31)

    • Farmhouse site (s32)

    • Recreation ground (s33)

  • Three Bridges along Wollombi Road, Wollombi, NSW

  • PMG Posts and Pits, Pacific Highway Upgrade, Saphhire to Woolgoolga, NSW

  • Mitchell’s Road, Wentworth Falls, NSW.

  • Wood Stave Pipe along The Horsley Drive, Carramar, NSW

  • Thompson’s Bridge, Laguna, NSW

  • Ramsay’s Leap, Laguna, NSW

  • Road Fabric along The Horsley Drive, Carramar, NSW

  • Two Cottages in Ulan Village, NSW

  • Railway Cutting, Wentworth Falls, NSW

  • A Photographic and Descriptive Recording of 2 Items in Preparation for Listing on the RTA s170 Register.

  • Rural Heritage at Merriville Rise Reserve, Kellyville Ridge, NSW

  • A Photographic Archival Recording of Sydney Water installations at Pipehead, Guildford West, NSW

  • Broula King Mine, Bumbaldry, NSW

  • Colon Peaks Silver Mine, Yerranderie, NSW

  • Mill Creek Weir, NSW

  • Coal Mine (Shafts 1&2), Oakdale, NSW

  • Ventilation Shaft, Mt Kembla, NSW

  • Mullock Heaps at the Adelong Gold Mine, Adelong, NSW

  • Cockatoo Island, Sydney Harbour, NSW. An archaeological and archival recording of the Sutherland Dockyard

  • Feltex Factory, 11 Ferndell Street, Granville, NSW

  • Former ASC Sugar Mill, Canterbury, NSW

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